Learnings From The Big Bad World Of Social Media

It’s been more than 4 years that I have been a part of this FC and the fandom world. And as they say, the experience you gather meeting different people at different stages of life, has a great impact on your personality. I have met many so far and learned a lot. And as a person, I have become very strong.

Today I want to share a few things that I’ve learned from here.

1. Friends or people will come and go.

Just because you were close to someone 4 years ago, doesn’t mean that you’re going to remain dear to them today and that’s OK. People change with time and so do relationships. Sometimes people come into your life at a very specific time to help you. And then, somehow they fade away. That’s the magic of life and relationships: they’re always evolving. Like the moon keeps changing its shape, it’s never the same, life is also like that… Sometimes bright as heaven, sometimes dark as hell. Sometimes things don’t work and it can be your fault as well and sometimes it may not be so. But at the end of the day there are some people who will stay with you from the beginning to the end.

2. On Social Media people are selfish.

Have you ever gone out of the way to help someone and then found how ungrateful they really are? Most of the people are like that. So brutally selfish. And yes sometimes you will find few people who will come and tell you same thing about you too. But at the end of the day, they all have a hidden agenda or a reason behind everything. Here are people who are there just for themselves. I mean imagine, SRK has got 30 million followers, plus each of his tweets get so many mentions! But you will see many of his fans replying to his tweets, often don’t RT or like his tweets. But as soon as SRK starts #AskSRK you will see even dead people coming online to get a reply. Only take and take as SRK himself said in one of his tweets:

3. Don’t trust anyone.

Yes you heard it right! On social media don’t trust anyone. If you think there are few that you can trust, then you are wrong. If you ever trusted someone and shared personal stuff, you will end up hurting yourself. So you better be extra careful. Do you really want your WhatsApp screenshots to be spread as fast as a bullet? No.. right? So always be very very careful about what you tweet or text on WhatsApp.

4. Stop letting little things bother you.

Pheww.. From the beginning I used to get so annoyed and stressed if someone said something bad about me. And I’d feel sooooo bad about it, and at times, such stuff took away my good sleep too. But now, with every passing year I have learned a lot. To be honest, does it really matter who is right and who is wrong and who did what? Funny thing is most of the people who judge you don’t really know you well. Like SRK said in this tweet:

So now, whenever I see any negative stuff, I laugh it off and move on. It doesn’t affect me anymore.

5. And yes… No one is perfect in this world.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 6.42.01 PMNo matter how great or enlightened you are, you’re still human. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is flawless. If you are accusing me for my imperfections, I can also point out your faults. All you can do is to try to make things work right. If your efforts can’t fix it, then let it be.. Move on… End of the story! As simple as that.

6. Be humble in each and every situation of life.

My brother Farhan always jokes about me on this. But yes, no matter what happens and where you reach in life, it’s important to stay grounded and be humble. I get so many DMs and WhatsApp messages on a daily basis and I always try to reply to everyone. As much as possible. And if I don’t do so, people will say “Yaar, he never replies and he is very arrogant!” No matter what the circumstances, replying is a must. Or else you will be judged blindly. And nobody will give you a chance to even explain. So even if you are in hospital, tied up with the bed, still, replying is a must!!

7. Don’t bother about what others tweet.

See, the words I tweet, the quotes I post, or even the song lyrics, it’s not about you. And it also doesn’t mean that it’s related to my life. Come on, you need to update your social media handles and it means you have to post something regularly, right? There were times when I felt that few people’s tweets were about me and some even targeted me directly. But I let it be now. I don’t think in the same way at all. There were few people who were close and whenever we used to get into a fight, they would go and post stuff on twitter. So I thought now, when, they are not there anymore, still also they are doing the same and most of the time they attack me. But I have realized it’s not at all about me and even if it is, I seriously don’t care. Even if it is about me, is there anything I can do about it? NO! Even if it’s about me, is there any way I can find out? NO. So why worry? The best way is ignoring all of them, right?

8. Avoid Regrets.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 6.42.00 PMWe all make mistakes in life and that’s a part of our daily life. In some parts of your life, due to whatever reasons, you may have mistreated someone who doesn’t deserve it. But with a little effort you can try to avoid making big mistakes. Even then, things do happen right? Then it’s best to learn to forgive – yourself and others. Because everyone else is just trying to get through life the best way they can, and so should you. They will make mistakes, but the best way is moving on from them.
Even if someone doesn’t want to forgive you for your mistake, then don’t try too hard. For the sake of your own happiness, move on…

9. Jab baat bhai ki hoti hai…dimaag nai dil kaam karne lagta hai..

I just wanted to tell Farhan, Sneha and all others close to me, not to do this. Some people hate me, that’s fine. But please, you don’t have to hate them. Some of them are close to you too. Keep the relationships and don’t distance from them just because of me. But you guys always do like Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera….Jo Mera Hai Woh Tera…

10. Do things that make you happy.

Yes man… why wait? Go do the things that make you happy. Life is short, so do the things that makes you happy in life. Be with the people who make you happy, not with those who always find out flaws in you, judge you. Never ever sit and explain to such chutney people! Even SRK said so!

Just live life in a positive way and stay away from negative people.

Doesn’t matter what it is, whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. Remember that line from the song Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari? “Tel Bechne Jaaye Toh Phir Ye Duniya Sari!” And also the lyrics of Lungi Dance! “Mera Mood Main Dance Karega..Kisi Ke Daddy Se Nai Darega!

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love grace and gratitude” Denis W.


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