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AGAR TUM KAHO – Our First Ever Short Film

When Hispter and I started SRKUniverse, we had this plan to help SRKians achieve their dreams. We have created this platform for them. Our aim was giving young talented SRKians a chance to show their talent. Be it writing, singing or acting and more. With that aim, we created our website for young writers to show their writing skills. Similarly all other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are there for other talents like editing, designing, etc.
In last 4 years I have had the opportunity to work with some very passionate and talented SRK Fans. With the talent and hard work of all our SRKians, all our social media accounts are huge and have worldwide reach. Quite contrary to our YouTube channels, which are far behind in terms of numbers and reach, as YouTube is all about videos and the copyright issues are much stricter there, we cannot post whichever video we want to.
So when Juilee gave me the idea of producing short films I thought, yes! Why don’t we start to promote our YouTube channel plus give young film makers, actors and script writers a chance to showcase their talent. This is how this idea took birth.

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I admire people who work hard and go out of their way to get things done. When Juilee and her team came on board I knew that these people are energetic and enthusiastic about the project and without any second thought I gave her a green signal.

SRK personifies love. SRK is love. And so for our first theme for the short film, we decided to showcase love in its most regular, day to day, mundane form, with the slightest influence of SRK. Be it love in any kind of relationship, try as we we might, one cannot avoid the SRK influence for this one important emotion, love.
With this theme in mind, the first short film, Agar Tum Kaho… was conceived.

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The most interesting part about this project is that it is being done by hard core SRK fans. Hence it is quite obvious that shooting the short film has been a blast. When SRKians come together, work becomes fun. Right now the Pre Production and Production stages have been completed. From tomorrow we start with the Post Production.

This is just the first tiny step. A trial project so to say. There are many more steps to go ahead. Preference will always be given to SRKUniverse members and SRKians to be a part of these projects. Right now I am optimistic, nervous and excited as this first project takes shape. When SRKians come together, miracles happen.

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