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As 2nd November Draws Closer

It’s that time of the year, when all my inboxes start filling up with DM’s and messages. People who have been completely missing for the whole year suddenly start remembering me and sending their love. With one request in each and every message, “Bhai, Shah Rukh Khan se milna hai. Passes milenge?”

As 2nd November approaches, my heartbeats and stress levels start increasing just like every year. “Iss saal kya naya karein? Kya alag karein? How do I make this day memorable and enjoyable for all the thousands of fans who will come to Mumbai.” The preparations for SRK Day start almost 5 months in advance. But with less than 15 days remaining, I have realized that nothing is done.

It is always my desire that the fans who come to Mumbai should go back home happy and elated, even if a meet and greet with SRK might not be possible. Since past few years, I have arranged parties, celebrations in Mumbai just so that everybody would feel that they themselves were a part of the celebrations, that they could meet other universe members, that everybody could just spend the day sharing SRK love. For the past 2 years, a meet and greet with SRK was possible and that added on to the happiness.

But a meet and greet is not in my hands. I really wish each and every person can meet SRK. I love to help everyone achieve their dream.  But I do not even know if there is a meet and greet this year. Even I have not yet planned my trip to Mumbai. But I really want to do something so that all the universe members can meet each other and enjoy that day. Meeting SRK should not be the aim for 2nd November. But it should be more about spending time with and celebrating with other SRKians and sharing the SRK love.

And this year too, we will plan something grand in SRK style. We will really do something which the fans can take back with them. The details will be coming up soon.

As all of us will stand outside Mannat to wish SRK, I just have request to all members. Yes there will be thousands of fans there, but there also might be some miscreants who are not a part of the fan clubs. Who might just be there to create trouble. Please take care of the female members. Our safety is in our own hands.

As the day approaches, my nervousness increases. Are the t-shirts ready? Are the wristbands made? Will they be enough? How many fans can i fit in for the party? Is the venue booked? All these thoughts are consuming my mind. I would like to say again that the t-shirts and the wristbands are not for sale. They are free for everyone who comes down to Mumbai to celebrate together with us. By the way, the money for the wristbands from Farhan, is yet to arrive, and I might just take a flight to him and take it in person from him. lol

While saying all this, I would like to apologize to our main admin, Yash. He is working day and night alone and I have been blasting him almost everyday regarding the preparations, as we get ready for 2nd November.

So guys, lets make this SRK day 2018, a memorable one. Come down to celebrate together, to meet other SRKians and to wish our favorite superstar a very happy birthday.


8 thoughts on “As 2nd November Draws Closer

  1. Ashraf bhai m bhi srk sir ka jabra fan hu bhaut long time se chotte si city se hu gwalior Madhya Pradesh in India .But maine srk k kai gp followed kiye or social working bhi ki or krta hu .Or Mumbai bhi aya sir k birthday pr chances ni mila.sir apse bhi contact krne ki kosish ki pr ni kr paya.
    Sir apse ek requst h plzzz ap mujhe apne gp m add krlo mujhe.
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