How To Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is a faceless community. Sometimes, you don’t see the person who likes your profile pictures, retweets your posts and shares your ideas. People could send and tweet threatening messages to strangers without a care in the world through it. Indeed, the use of social media is fun and entertaining, but the experience is not positive at all when you receive threats or get bullied on social media.

Risks and Perks of Social Media

No doubt, social media has lots of blessings. It provides you universal connectivity, hooks you up with others of shared interests, keeps you updated, and is an ideal marketing tool. But, it can be brutal and destructive. It can be utilized to insult your name.  It can be used to gossip and tear apart your personality. A lot of people are just a single step away from personality murder. A careless tweet, an innocent exposing post or a naïve “like” can result in untold agony.

The Risks of Gossip and Rumors

Gossips and rumors are words and words can’t be taken back. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t heal the injured reputation of the victim. It’s like putting a nail in a piece of wood- although the nail is removed, the hole is still there. Rumors hurt. Sometimes it hurts a lot than a punch or slap. Negative words spoken about you might dog you for the rest of your life. Worse still, if they are on the social media – so be wary what you post or retweet.

Be Wary of What You Post and Repost

Even if it can be a good chance for networking and business growth, it can also be treacherous and vicious. You must never be the bearer of slander or gossip. You must never repost any defaming, bad as well as character-assassinating information. Avoid reposting any racist or blackmailing post. Always keep in mind that what goes around comes around.

Things you must never post on social media

You want to get in touch with long lost friends as well as get new ones. Is that the reason you like to share all your information? Be wary! Social media is a live wire which burns and leaves emotional, physical as well as psychological scars to show for it. Regardless of your intentions, avoid sharing your current locations, pictures, contact information as well as home address. You have to avoid sharing intimate things as they might come back to disturb you. Never give your enemy a weapon to bring you down.
You need to be wise and be wary, and you’ll be safe. It takes so many years to build a reputation and character. On the other hand, social media can assassinate it in a just a matter of second. The advice is that when you are sharing information on social media site don’t do it with your heart only, but use your mind as well.

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