Keep Loving SRK

SRK said this in one of his interviews :

Firstly, I want to tell the social media fans, please don’t abuse anyone. I have been saying this for years. And more importantly don’t abuse from behind any handle. If you have the guts, abuse face to face. There are people who talk bad about our kids, families, that’s very frustrating for me. So I just have one request to my loved ones. My own. *I never call them fans, they have an attachment to me. I just request them, don’t be negative towards anything. Because I love your LOVE. A senior lady once told me, whenever you are depressed, or sad, go to someone who truly loves you unconditionally. So this moment of happiness when I see you friends at my house, loving me so much, going to my loved ones is endearing to me. They take away my scarcity, my dearth of friends. So my fans are not my fans but my friends. I may not meet them, may not know their names or their faces, but somewhere down the line it keeps me going that there are some people who love me unconditionally. Even if I make mistakes, they love me, and they love all my good things too. That’s what a friend is for, loving you no matter what. Thank you my friends for loving me so much.”

See the point here is, that I think I am his friend or a relative as mentioned above by him. I feel the same way. I am not going to trend, abuse, attack him or force him to announce his next. He can take his time and I can wait. While saying this, I know not everyone will agree with me on this and that’s completely fine. You all are his fans and you can have your own views.

Those who don’t agree are also right from their own point of view. I can understand that one can’t wait for 2-3 years for SRK’s next. But one thing we all should understand and accept that at the end of the day it’s SRK’s decision only.

Nobody can force him to do anything. He doesn’t owe us anything. It’s his own life and own decision. We were not there to advise him when he was new to this industry. He established himself as the King of Bollywood with his hard work and dedication throughout the years. Trust him. He’s not an infant that we can teach him like “You should do this. Oh don’t do that..blah blah..” He doesn’t like being told what to do and what not to do.

Just imagine, you’ve not done well in your exam or weren’t selected in your job interview and a neighbour walks in and starts advising you. They go on and on in a commanding manner making a long list of do’s and dont’s. Criticizes you badly, questioning your ability, your hard work. What if you experience it on a daily basis? Would you take it nicely? Won’t you be annoyed…disappointed…depressed? No matter how successful we are…we’ve faced failure at some point of our life. So those who bashed us, trolled us, humiliated us in that phase when we’re emotionally fragile, do we feel like loving such type of people? Or do we feel like loving the ones who made us feel positive and showered love without judging us? Who didn’t make fun of us seeing the unpleasant result, but consoled us appreciating our effort to do good. Ask yourself which type of people you would want around you. The day you understand this simple thing, I don’t think you’ll be harsh about SRK.

I’ll finish it adding some hope to this blog. Shah Rukh has said this on his B’day, “I am working on a lot of films with a lot of friends and directors. I always preferred to talk about films when I start working on them, so, once things related to my films get finalised, I will tell you about them within the next two or three months.

So this means announcement is very near. Just a bit of patience and love is what we all need to have for our King ❤


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